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Our warm, inviting energy will instantly make you feel at home in East Andrews Square. The refined visual beauty and aesthetically pleasing attention to detail create a luxurious environment for you to enjoy your beauty!

Josie Labara
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Onofrio Joseph LaBara
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A new legacy

Josie was born into the salon business. From an early age, she rode her bike to her father’s shop and would watch, mesmerized by his passion for haircutting. She soon realized she wanted to devote her career to the same craft – of dressing hair. Over the years, her pursuit led to a flourishing career that manifested her dream of following in her father’s footsteps. Now becoming a further reality as she opened her own LaBara Salon in 2018 in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Built on tradition

LaBara Salon’s true roots started in Michigan. In 1965, Josie’s father, Onofrio Joseph LaBara, opened LaBara’s in Grosse Pointe. Combining a passion for business and people, he purchased the property to established his business. LaBara’s quickly became a destination for men and women of all ages, and later became an iconic landmark in the area. The shop’s success was a result of dedication that lasted 51 years until Onofrio retired in 2011.

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