LaBara Salon COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

LaBara Salon Re-opens Friday May 1, 2020

On May 1, 2020 LaBara Salon will re-open. It will be a new salon experience as we adhere to guidelines set forth by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers, OSHA, CDC, and the Georgia Governor.

Our top priority will be for you to safely enjoy your beauty and we ask that you take full precautions to assist us in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have put together a list of steps and guidelines to help you feel comfortable and confident in our environment at LaBara Salon. 


We are increasing our hours and expanding our days open in the salon to now include Monday, however in order to safely social distance we have changed our schedules a bit. 

We will only be able to have two stylists and one assistant work at the same time, and each stylist will only be taking one client at a time. Due to this, we ask for patience and understanding if you have trouble finding appointment availability, or if your standing appointment needs to be moved or changed in any way.

We continue to ask that you manage and schedule all appointments online. 


In order to safely follow the guidelines set forth, we ask that you please review the following guidelines prior to making an appointment and visiting LaBara Salon. 

  • Please refrain from coming in if you or anyone you are in close contact with has experienced COVID-19 symptoms, or been exposed to COVID-19 in any way. In addition, we ask that you do the same if you have participated in large group activities or traveled by air in the past 30 days.

  • Please make arrangements to come alone to your appointment. We will not allow anyone in the salon that does not have an appointment with us. 

  • You will be required to wear a mask during the entirety of your service in the salon, so we highly suggest purchasing one prior to your visit. If you are receiving a hair color service, please be advised that hair color may get on the mask due to the ear straps on some masks.

  • Food and drinks will not be allowed in the salon chair during your visit. You may bring a bottle of water only and step outside the salon should you need a drink.

  • We will not be allowing personal belongings to hang in the bathroom, so please keep that in mind when dressing for the salon. You will still be required to wear a robe but will need to either wear an old shirt you are not worried about getting damaged or wear something that easily fits in your handbag.


In order to limit the spread of germs we will NOT be providing blow drys during any service at the salon. Please be sure to prep your hair prior to arrival so we can provide your service by doing the following based on the service you plan to receive. 

  • Haircuts:  All haircuts will be done on clean 100% dry hair. Please arrive with your hair clean and 100% dry. 

  • Hair Color Services: Your color will be rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned, but you will leave with towel-dried damp hair. 

  • Haircut & Color Service: If you are scheduled for a haircut and color please arrive with your hair clean and 100% dry. Your haircut will be done first on dry hair. 

  • Hair Extension Application/Maintenance: Please arrive with your hair clean and 100% dry.

  • Keratin Treatments: Keratin treatments will not be offered during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


When you arrive at LaBara Salon for your appointment we kindly ask that you do not walk into the salon. Please wait outside in the courtyard until someone from LaBara Salon comes to greet you and is ready to take your statement of health.


Your statement of health will be a brief questionnaire to ensure you are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and that your health and well being meets the guidelines set forth by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers, OSHA, CDC and the Georgia Governor the enter the salon and receive services. 

Following the Statement of Health, your temperature will be taken with a digital no-touch thermometer. If your temperature exceeds 99°F you will be asked to reschedule and sent home immediately.


If your temperature and Statement of Health meet the guidelines you will be asked to enter LaBara Salon. Upon entering you will be asked to: 

  • Social distance yourself from all employees other than the one providing your services. 

  • Immediately walk to the bathroom to wash your hands for 20 seconds. 

  • Change into a robe that will be given to you by your stylist. 

  • Take a seat at your stylist station and safely sit your belongings in a neat fashion on the stool in front of the mirror. 

  • You must wear a mask at all times.


During your visit, we will limit touching services and exchanging technology. In order to do this we ask the following:  

  • Do not bring Cash. We will not be accepting cash payments. 

  • If you wish to Tip your stylists we suggest Venmo or Apple Pay. 

  • If you are an existing client we will use your card on file. 

  • If you are a new client we suggest Apple Pay or another form of touchless payment processing. 


Based on recommendations from the Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers, OSHA, CDC, and the Georgia Governor, I am enhancing the frequency and scope of my our salon cleanliness measures to include the following measures: 

  • All salon employees have been educated on disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning procedures through the Barbicide Certification. 

  • Our salon is stocked with disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning supplies that are EPA –registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal.

  • The salon will be vigorously cleaned and disinfected each day prior to opening and closing as well as throughout the day.

  • All surfaces, tools, and stations will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected between each client. 

  • All towels, robes, and capes will be washed and disinfected between clients and stored in an airtight container.

  • Anti-bacterial hand soaps and hand sanitizers will be provided throughout the salon in touch-less dispensers. 

  • All employees will go through the same health checks as clients daily and wear masks, gloves, and protective aprons at all times. 

  • All employees will wash their hands an ensure the cleanliness of themselves between each client. 


We understand all of that was overwhelming. The precautionary measures we are required to take have been overwhelming to learn, and we only shared key points with you. The list goes on and on as to what we are doing behind the scenes to ensure you can safely enjoy your beauty but it's worth it to be able to put a smile back on your face during this difficult time. 

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us via email at

We will continue to provide updates as needed on our response to COVID-19, keeping your health, safety, and comfort our #1 priority.

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