An iconic landmark turned family legacy. The LaBara family has defined beauty for 55+ Years. 


LaBara Salon is a new destination for beauty in Atlanta, but its true roots started in Michigan. 


In 1965, Josie LaBara’s father Onofrio Joseph LaBara opened LaBara’s in Gross Pointe, Michigan. It was a passion of his to own a salon, so he purchased a property and established his business. LaBara’s quickly became a destination for men and women of all ages, and later became an iconic landmark in the area. The salon’s success was a result of a passion and lasted 51 years until Onofrio decided to retire. 


During this time, Josie was born into the business and became fascinated by the art of hairdressing. From an early age, she rode her bike to LaBara’s and would watch her father in awe, completely mesmerized by his passion for haircutting. She soon realized she wanted to devote her career to the same craft which led her into the art of hairdressing. Over the years her artistic pursuit led her into a flourishing career that manifested a dream of following in her father’s footsteps into reality when she opened her very own LaBara Salon in 2018 in the heart of Buckhead, Atlanta. 

LaBara Salon in Buckhead is a reinvented version of LaBara that has merged her father’s legacy and her vision into one. It's a place that is hers, a place that embodies beauty, inspires others, and promotes collaboration. It’s a relaxed intimate setting with good energy where anyone can come and enjoy their beauty.